funny chicken joke

funny chicken joke


A chicken goes into the library and says to the librarian “Book book book book book… book book book”. So the librarian gives the chicken a book. The chicken takes the book and leaves the library with the book, but comes back ten minutes later and drops the book on the counter, and again says “Book… Book book book… book book book boooook book book book… “

So the librarian gives the chicken another book and off goes the chicken. Shortly afterwards the chicken is back, and again drops the book and says “Book book book book book booook book book…” The librarian gives the chicken yet another book, but, wondering what is going on, decides to follow the chicken and find out.

The chicken leaves the library, goes down the street, and crosses into a park. It walks through the park to a pond and there, sitting on a rock at the edge of the pond is a frog. The chicken drops the book in front of the frog and goes “Book, book book book book book….”

The frog looks at the book and goes….

“reddit, reddit, reddit…..”